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Bak Fu Pai is a system of marital forms, exercises, meditations, and medicines from southern China. Bak Fu Pai, which translates roughly to White Tiger World Kung Fu, is also known as the Emperor’s Art. The dedicated practitioners healed, advised, and protected 6 generations of Chinese Emperors. The system has remained a closely guarded secret of the Doo family for almost 400 years. The system was so secretive, and so widely revered, that it was said that “The only time someone saw the White Tiger system was immediately before death.” Considered lost in the early 1800’s. the system remains one of the most secretive, mysterious, and powerful systems in the world today. The system has been kept meticulously preserved over the last 4 centuries, and remains the exact same system Fong Doe Duk created in the 17th century. This system, in its complete form, is now being made available to the public through the generosity of Grand Master Doo Wai.

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